The following affiliate disclosure particularises the relationships that I, Krissy Ballinger (formally The Inspired Little Pot), have with external businesses. See also the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions which govern the use of this website.

Some of the external links on this website are affiliate links, meaning that purchases through these affiliate businesses may result in me receiving a small commission.

How does an affiliate link work?

In a nutshell, when you click on an affiliate link, a cookie is dropped (a tracking code) usually valid for 30 days, and if you purchase through this company within that period of time, I may make a small commission. The price of items, when purchased via an affiliate link or not, is the same for you. In fact, often I am privy to special offers which may mean you save money.

There are only a handful of affiliate links on this website, however, it is safest to assume that any and all are affiliate links, meaning I may make a small commission. Sometimes I post affiliate links to my social channels too, and the same terms and conditions apply there as they do to this website.

My personal affiliate terms

It is important that users of this website understand the following:

My sole intention is to inspire you, and provide you with relevant education and resources to empower you to reduce your exposure to avoidable toxins. That will always be my number one priority.

I personally reach out to businesses and ask if they would like to form a relationship with me. I choose to collaborate with businesses that align with my values, mission and intentions for healthier humans and a non-toxic planet. On occasion, I am approached by businesses to become an affiliate for them, and in these instances, I thoroughly vet the business before agreeing to collaborate, or not.

Sometimes I am ‘gifted’ products to try. Any social sharing of these products, regardless of whether they’re affiliate businesses or not, occurs because I choose to share, not necessarily because I am being paid to.

If I choose to promote a business or product, it is because it is something I would personally use and recommend, even without an affiliate link.

I do not publish sponsored posts, nor do I accept payment from businesses with the sole intention of me reviewing their products.

I am always transparent and honest in my opinion of businesses and their products.

Why do I choose to be an affiliate?

I love promoting businesses that align with my cause and mission, and more often than not, I do this without an affiliate relationship. In those instances where I do earn a small commission: it allows me to continue to grow my business, and support my family. I put in endless hours to create content for you, and this is a small kickback for my efforts.

Affiliate Businesses Disclaimer

Beyond recommending a business or product, I cannot be held responsible for the service or quality of items purchased using affiliate links, nor can I guarantee that you will like the product once received. If you’re dissatisfied with any of the products purchased through any of the affiliate links on this website, I encourage you to contact the company directly.

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