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With 125+ simple DIY recipes to help eliminate chemicals from your home & body, Naturally Inspired is the perfect resource for those on a mission to live a natural life free from avoidable toxins.  By replacing a few store-bought products with DIY alternatives, not only will you improve your overall health and wellbeing, you’ll also save money and reduce waste. This is a book every family needs on their kitchen bench!

The recipes within this book are all practical, easy-to-follow and suitable for all skill levels.

Discover The Power Of Nature – Learn how natural ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, magnesium and bicarb will positively transform your life.

Save Money And Reduce Waste – Use safe, common ingredients, in simple and practical recipes, to green-clean your home, saving money and reducing waste!

Make Your Own Skincare – It has never been easier to make your very own natural and nourishing products. From deodorant to sunscreen, this book has you covered.

DIY Is Fun And Rewarding – Spark your passion for everyday DIY with practical and easy-to-follow recipes that the whole family will love. This book promises endless hours of fun for all!

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Naturally Inspired

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  • Simple Oil Cleanse
  • Deluxe Foaming Face Wash
  • Botanical Facial Steam
  • Honey Cleanse
  • Honey Scrub
  • Honey Mask
  • Green Tea & Rose Facial Toner
  • Hydrating Face Mist
  • Brown Sugar Face Scrub
  • Festive Sugar Face Scrub
  • Facial Buff & Revitalising Mask
  • Spirulina & Bentonite Clay Face Mask
  • Charcoal & Turmeric Facial Peel
  • Mango Lip Polish
  • Basic Firm Lip Balm
  • Whipped Strawberry Lip Butter
  • Whipped Daytime Face Cream
  • Night-time Face Balm
  • Apricot Kernel Facial Oil
  • Eye Serum
  • Eyebrow Conditioning Serum
  • Make-Up Remover
  • Whipped Shaving Cream
  • Aftershave Tonic
  • Aftershave Gel
  • Beard Oil


  • Basic Shampoo
  • Suggestions for conditioner
  • Head Lice Treatment Oil
  • Dry Powder Shampoo
  • Nourishing Hair Mask
  • Warm Honey & Jojoba Hair Treatment
  • Hair Conditioning/Detangling Spray
  • Hair Spray – Light Hold
  • Texturising Salt Spray
  • Hair Perfume Mist
  • Hair Wax/Beard Balm


  • Foaming Body Wash
  • Creamy Body Wash
  • Grapefruit Scrub
  • Coconut & Lime Body Scrub
  • Spiced Coffee Scrub
  • Body Polish
  • Body Oil
  • Whipped Body Cream
  • Super Salve Healing Balm
  • Solid Moisturising Bars
  • Two Ingredient Base Balm
  • Simple Melt & Pour Soap
  • Charcoal Melt & Pour Soap
  • Fizzy Bath Drops
  • Detoxifying Bath Mix
  • Crystal Bath Melts
  • Simple Bath Salts
  • Oaty Bath Tea
  • Fragrant Body Powder
  • Decorated Perfume/Cologne

Hands & Feet

  • Foaming Hand Wash
  • Rose Sugar Hand Exfoliant
  • Lemon & Rosemary Hand Exfoliant
  • Beeswax Cuticle Treatment
  • Nourishing Nail Serum
  • Earthy Layered Foot Soak
  • Nutty Mint Foot Scrub
  • Hand & Heel Whipped Overnight Treatment Cream

Body Essentials

  • Deodorant Paste
  • Sensitive Deodorant Paste
  • Deodorant Spray
  • Deodorant Dusting Powder
  • Detoxifying Pit Paste
  • Hand Sanitising Spray
  • Hand Sanitising Gel
  • Magnesium Oil
  • Sunscreen Balm
  • Tinted Sunscreen Lotion
  • Post-Sun Cooling Mist
  • Post-Chlorine Swim Spray
  • Insect Repelling Spray

Teeth and Oral Care

  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Tooth Polish
  • Oil pulling

General Cleaning

  • Soapberry Master Stock
  • All-Purpose Cleaning Spray
  • Citrus Cleaning Spray
  • Window Spray
  • Cleaning Paste
  • Cleaning Wipes
  • Floor Cleaning Sprays
  • Guide to spot cleaning your carpet
  • Carpet Deodorising Powder
  • Guide to cleaning your leather furniture
  • Guide to conditioning your leather furniture
  • Guide to polishing your wooden furniture
  • Linen Spray
  • Car Freshening Spray
  • Guide to cleaning your jewellery


  • Washing Powder
  • Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • Fabric Softener
  • Stain Solution
  • Stain Treatment Pastes
  • Dryer Pads


  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Dishwasher Tablets
  • Guide to cleaning your oven
  • Guide to cleaning your microwave
  • Guide to cleaning & polishing your stainless steel
  • Guide to descaling your kettle & coffee machine
  • Guide to cleaning your drains
  • Guide to cleaning your chopping board

Bathroom & Toilet

  • Cleaning Fizzies
  • Toilet Bowl Spray
  • Fragrant Jelly Jar
  • Toilet & Shower Cleaner
  • Hard Water Spray
  • Guide to cleaning mould in your shower
  • Guide to deep cleaning your shower head


  • Tips to deter flies & bugs
  • Tips to deter ants
  • Garden Pest Repellent
  • Weed Spray

Other Fun Stuff

  • Beeswax & Olive Oil Candles
  • Beeswax Gift Wrap
  • Clay Ornaments
  • Spiced Floral Medley
  • Simmering Scent Pot
  • Floating Candle Bowl

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2nd edition
Format: Softcover paperback and digital eBook
ISBN: 9780648788713 | 9780648480334
Dimensions: 215x250mm
Pages:  375
Language: English
Published: July 2020 (1st edition – April 2019)
Publisher: Karen McDermott Publishing

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