Natural DIY Favourites

Kitchen Essentials eBook

Natural DIY Favourites

Kitchen Essentials eBook

Do good for the planet

Clean without the nasties

Save money while you’re at it

Think about how you feel when you’re cleaning. Do you suffer from irritation, itchy nose and eyes, flaking skin? If so, listen to your body – it’s trying to send you a warning signal.
This eBook contains a collection of very simple, and inspiring, natural DIY recipes and tips, to get you on your way towards a sparkling kitchen – without the nasties!
eBook Contents List

Dishwasher Tablets (& tips for success)

Soapberry Master Stock

Dishwashing Liquid

Cleaning Paste

Tips to ‘green up’ your kitchen

Guide to cleaning your chopping boards

Guide to cleaning your oven

Guide to descaling your kettle 

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