Becoming a Label Detective Short Course


A 7-day online course, with lifetime, limitless access. 

Become a confident and educated shopper in 7 days. Discover how easy it is to decipher ingredient panels the next time you’re product shopping for home and body.

Make better choices for you and Planet Earth. Start making choices that will serve your body, and help Mother Nature do what she does best. Together we will thrive, not just survive.

Discover safer brands and DIY alternatives. I’ll help you work out which brands are safer options, plus simple DIY alternatives, if you fancy giving it a go!

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During this course I will:

Share research and information on many common personal care and cleaning ingredients and highlight those that are worth adding to your watch-list.

Teach you, in-depth, how to read labels, and give you some useful resources that will help you to confidently navigate your way through your next shop.

Show you pictures of dozens of products, currently on supermarket and pharmacy shelves, and their ingredients panels, highlighting the potential nasties.

Cover the major brands in cleaning and personal care, and give you my recommendations on mainstream product swaps, plus the DIY alternatives.

​Share the conversations I have had with some of the big companies about their products, plus templates to use when contacting companies yourself.

Empower you, educate you, motivate and inspire you, through my simple and gentle approach, in just 7 days (but with limitless access)!

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