Lapis Lazuli Crystal (Tumbled)



Lapis Lazuli, cherished in ancient Egypt for its soul-stirring properties, is a key to spiritual attainment, guiding souls toward immortality and unlocking love. This metaphysical crystal enhances dreamwork, spiritual journeying and inner power. Protective and alerting to psychic attacks, it harmonises body, mind and spirit, amplifying thoughts, fostering creativity and promoting active listening and truth acceptance. Lapis Lazuli dissolves negativity, fostering honesty, compassion and self-expression.

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye, Crown


  • Promotes objectivity and clarity
  • Alleviates stress, anxiety, insomnia and migraines
  • Boosts self-awareness and self-expression
  • Helps balance female hormones
  • Eases menopausal and premenstrual symptoms
  • Supports thyroid, throat, respiratory and nervous systems

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Planet: Venus

Crystal details: Please note that each crystal varies in size, ranging from 1-2.5cm and weighing approximately 6-12 grams. You are buying an individual crystal which will be selected intuitively.

For general information on crystals and how to care for them, visit this page.

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