Krissy Ballinger

author and passionate advocate for natural living

Krissy envisions a world where people make conscious choices that honour both humanity and the environment. Her mission is to gently guide individuals toward this beautiful way of life. With a background in education and health promotion, she dedicates her time to increasing awareness on common and avoidable toxins, as well as educating individuals on simple ways they can adjust their lifestyles to better serve themselves, and the planet. Natural DIY is Krissy’s speciality, and she has sold over 100,000 copies of her recipe books, including the award-winning “Naturally Inspired – Simple DIY Recipes for Body Care and Cleaning,” “Make & Play – Natural DIY Recipes for Kids,” and “The Lifestyle Edit.”


  1. I especially love the fizzies for dropping in the toilet! It helps maintain cleanliness and it’s fun watching them fizz. Occasionally I like to add a few drops of essential oil before dropping in the toilet for a nice scent.

  2. I love the blank canvas fizzies & use in my toilet or bath. So easy to make, I find they set best in a harder plastic mould.

  3. We just love the Blank Canvas Fizzies! With lemon essential oil (one of the cheapest EO’s) we use them in the dishwasher & as toilet fizzies to clean. Converted here!

  4. These are a standard in our house. Everyone gets to choose their own essential oil combos for their bath as they use them. And they are awesome in the toilet. (And so fun to watch fizz in the toilet)
    It is important to not overdo the moisture when making them and I always leave them a fair while to properly set – giving them a good press every time I walk past them.

  5. I make these versatile drops on constant rotation. Love how they do more than one job in the house. Love trying different essential oils too.

  6. We flush with bore water, and the scale build up in the loo was something I could never get ontop of.. think me with a putty knife chipping it off.. it also seemed to absorb smells so my loo was absolutely embarrassing..

    I was sceptical, dropped one of these in before I went to bed, gave a light brush in the morning for a couple of days, the scale literally wiped off the loo and hasn’t been back. Now I drop one in every 3-4 days and leave overnight.

    I am so happy I found such a simple recipe! And because they’re blank, when someone is a bit stuffed up, I can add EO and drop in the shower aswell for a steamer!!

    This would be my absolute favourite of Krissys recipes!

  7. We absolutely love these blank canvas Fizzies, we use for the toilet and the dishwasher, the kids love to make them with me (2 & 4 years old), I love that it is safe for them to help me make my cleaning products. My 4 year old loves to put one in the toilet and give it a scrub

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