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author and passionate advocate for natural living and wellness

Krissy Ballinger is an accomplished author and passionate advocate for natural living and wellness. Her mission is to gently guide individuals towards holistic wellbeing by providing a wealth of resources and services, ranging from natural living guidance and DIY recipes, to healing therapies that nurture the mind, body, spirit and space. She envisions a world where conscious choices are made that honour the self, humanity and the environment.

With her roots in education and health promotion, Krissy continually expands her expertise. Recently, she obtained certifications in Zone Healing Technique and NeurOptimal Neurofeedback (brain training), qualified as a Reiki Healer, and completed an Undergraduate Certificate in Lifestyle Coaching from Endeavour College of Natural Health.

Krissy dedicates her time to managing her wellness room, offering services in Zone and Reiki Healing, Neurofeedback brain training, and Chemical Awareness Consulting. Additionally, she educates individuals about common and avoidable toxins through her various social platforms. Krissy’s books have collectively sold over 100,000 copies, including the award-winning Naturally Inspired – Simple DIY Recipes for Body Care and Cleaning, as well as Make & Play – Natural DIY Recipes for Kids, and The Lifestyle Edit.


  1. Hi Krissy,
    Can I use Dr bronners pure castile soap bars that are fragranced? I already have some at home.
    Just ordered the book, can’t wait to get cleaning chemical free.

  2. I am very new to low tox, I am so excited to be starting this journey and this is the first recipe I am looking to try. I must order everything and start washing. I have a primary aged child and a toddler who are forever getting dirty and to date the low tox options I tried have not worked. I am looking forward to making lots of your recipes, thank you for making them available.

  3. Hi Krissy, just wanting to know if the waste washing water from your washing powder recipe is suitable to be used as grey water on the garden. Ornamental that is. Not vegetables.

    • I’m not too familiar with grey water rules, as we don’t have it (although I save a lot of water from the kitchen sink and shower and use it on our garden), I would think it’s way better than the commercial stuff going onto the garden. Perhaps ask whoever installed the system for you, or a local installer?

  4. I’ve been making laundry powder for quite sometime adding Sodium Percarbonate. What are your thoughts on using in this recipe?

  5. Would you need to use the salt when you have rainwater? 🙂

    Also, I’ve been looking at this, and your dishwashning & dishwasher tablet recipes too, are all the ingredients in these safe for kids who (hopefully) do dishes and wear clothes too hahaha. Even the EO’s?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Beck. You could leave the salt out and see how you like the results. In these quantities, and used as intended, I’d say all ingredients are safe (maybe keep the borax away from kids if on its own). Essential oils are also optional so omit them if you’re concerned (I use these recipes around my kids, 8 & 11, though) 🙂

  6. This recipe is wonderful, it works well, I add different essential oils to different washes depending on what smell I’d like on that day, even though it doesn’t need any!?

  7. Far out this one was a game changer in our house the kids know the smell of their clothes my youngest who has huge texture issues can now wear anything it softens and cleans so well I adore my washing powder and I make a big batch and it lasts for ages x

    • As a mom of 3 kids clean living has become a big part of our lives. Plus my 10yr old daughter loves helping me make some of our diy’s, especially room spray. Thank you for some really wonderful recipes to explore and trial. Greatly appreciated.

  8. Thank you so much for this recipe, I wanted to make my own washing powder for years and never got around to it, once I bought your book it was one of the first recipes I made and I haven’t looked back, been making for well over a year now. Love how simple you make DIY and the education you provide and sharing your sourcing codes. Thank you for changing our life for the better

    • It was always a part of my recipe. I tried without it and didn’t notice a difference but as a rule, I tend to include it. Over time it might be more evident that the cleaning power is lower without borax.

    • The salt that best suits your budget! I use fine sea salt because I had sourced it in bulk. Table salt is fine, and cheap, (but it contains anti-caking agents which I don’t like, even though it isn’t an issue for cleaning). Hope that helps x

  9. could you please tell me the quantity you use per wash in a front loader, just trying to work out the cost per use .

  10. Hi Krissy, I am wondering where you get your coconut soap powder from or castile soap powder. All I seem to find is the liquid version. Thank you in advance!

  11. Hi Krissy,
    I was reading another post and came across this one. Can you let me know what the salt does in this recipe. I have been making my own powder with most of these ingredients for years but I’m interested in the role of the salt. Might be something I need to add in.
    Thanks, Renee xx

    • I love using this recipe for my washing powder. The washing comes out nice and clean and I love that I am not using any nasties on my sons clothes
      I started using this when my son was newborn as their skins are so sensitive and have never looked back. I have not brought washing powder in over a year and I buy my products in bulk so I’m saving so much money. Thank you krissy.

  12. Hi
    I’ve just discovered your website and made this washing powder. My first load came out so nice and soft and smelt fresh and clean ☺️
    Just want to know, you say you can omit borax. Why do you use the borax? I haven’t read much about it just wondering what role it’s playing if you can leave it out and still get the same results.


  13. HI, thank you for passing on all your recipes and research! I’ve been making my own laundry powder for years, but have switched sunlight soap for coconut soap (I don’t use borax) & now it’s sticking in the washing compartment – I’ve added it into the tub now but not sure if there’s something I can change to fix it? Is it the coconut soap? Thanks.

    • Thanks Sarah 🙂 What else has changed? Could your machine need a good clean? Hot wash with some vinegar? I have no issues with coconut soap dissolving (and I wash in cold) so it’s a little odd…

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